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Orana Supporters’ Award Winner


The successful recipient of Orana’s 2020 Supporters’ Award, the Murray Bridge Parents and Friends group, celebrated this significant award with a glorious lunch on Thursday, 11th of March at the Riverscape Restaurant Murray Bridge.

Orana CEO Nicholas Mihalaras was on hand to celebrate with the worthy recipients, acknowledging the members of the Parents and Friends group for their wonderful contribution to Orana over the many years.

This wonderful group of dedicated volunteers has been supporting Orana Murray Bridge since 1967. Throughout the years, the group has worked tirelessly raising funds and generally supporting the staff and employees. Thank you again to Sheree Smith for nominating the Murray Bridge Parents and Friends Group for the Orana Supporters Award.

Orana is extremely grateful and thankful to the group for their contribution, dedication and tireless effort to Orana’s Murray Bridge team over the years.

Here is a photo of the Murray Bridge Parents and Friends Group at the celebratory lunch.

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