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Orana Pt Pirie celebrations

Orana staff and employees at Port Pirie celebrated International Day of People with Disability and Christmas cheer last December with a joyful BBQ lunch and a traditional visit to the local pub.

Hosted by Uniting Country SA, the International Day of People with Disability was celebrated at a local park on a beautiful day, where they enjoyed each other’s company and engaged in friendly competition playing games including bocce.

The group then found shade from the sunny sky in the rotunda and they were able to rest and recharge with a barbeque and soft drinks.

Orana Pt Pirie Christmas celebrations were the opportunity to have all the team gathered together at a nearby hotel to celebrate a year of good hard work.

They put on the Christmas hats from their bonbons while the accommodating hotel staff brought them their meals, drinks and desserts.

Well done on a great year’s work guys and we hope you enjoyed your big day out!!

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