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Orana Netball Cup 2018

The ‘Orana Ones’ used their teamwork skills to great effect during the Special Olympics South Australia Netball Invitational Games at Marleston. Local SA teams competed against sides that had travelled from New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

With Orana staff members cheering the team on from the sideline (see the Orana chant below), Julia, Orana employee from Netley Business Services, opened the scoring for the day in the first match against Fremantle, delighting her teammates and spectators alike.

In the second and third games, Mark, from Orana’s Para Hills West Business Service showcased his scoring skills on multiple occasions, putting the ball through the hoop to finish off his team’s great work from further down the court.

David, also from Orana Para Hills West Business Services, was a solid defender all day for Orana, while Darren, from Orana’s Netley Business Services, was so excited by the day’s play that he wants to play the full three-day tournament next year!

Everyone on the Orana team displayed great teamwork skills on the day, which showed with telling improvement in the second and third games of the day.

The players’ day of exercise was fueled by a healthy lunch with chicken, salad and Vietnamese rolls on the menu for the team.

Congratulations to everyone who played an important role on the day – Brenda, Michael, Raymond, Thomas, Luke, Mark, Chris, Julia, Jayne, Darren, Chris and Leslie. Every player went home with a well-deserved medal and certificate to show off to their friends and family. Well done guys!

Special thanks to the Orana staff members, client coaches, families and friends that came to support the Orana team. Everyone was thrilled with the day’s events which captured the Orana spirit.

Well done Orana!

Sing the Orana Cheer Chant!

Give me an O
Give me an R
Give me an A
Give me an N
Give me an A


Can you feel it?
The ORANA spirit!
We are gonna
Move it to the right!
Move it to the left!
Get with it!
The ORANA Spirit!
Respect, Integrity, Innovation and Collaboration
The ORANA Spirit!

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