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Orana creating regional opportunities

Orana was featured in InDaily Adelaide Independent News’ Regional Showcase on Wednesday July 22, 2020. The Regional Showcase supports South Australia’s rural communities by telling their stories and celebrating their successes.

Orana has been helping to empower people living with disability through training, support services and employment opportunities for 70 years whilst working to create a socially inclusive society.

There are now more than 650 South Australians living with disability who are connected with Orana at service centres across metropolitan Adelaide and regional SA.

Brain Prescott, Orana Murray Bridge employee and Katelyn Hartshorne, Orana Loxton employee are among the staff whose lives have been shaped as a result of Orana.

Brian and Katelyn were interviewed by InDaily about how their lives have positively changed since having the opportunity to work at Orana.

Brian said, “Because of my disability I couldn’t find a job in the outside workforce, no-one was interested in hiring me. I’ve got cerebral palsy spastic dysplasia, which means … I have very poor mobility in my legs. I was told about Orana, went and had a look and it all started from there. I was 21 when I first came here and I’m 56 now. My manager says I’m a little goldmine of bits of information about the place”.

Katelyn said, ‘the nature of the mixed training and employment opportunities have not only enabled me to gain new skills, but also helped build self-esteem”.

Click here  to read the whole article featured in InDaily.

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