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Orana contributing to a better world for women

Orana is proud to be working with KIT International (formerly Birthing Kit Foundation Australia) to assemble Clean Birthing Kits for delivery to third world countries. In order to meet the increasing demand of KIT International, Orana was given the opportunity to be part of this wonderful work at the start of August 2020.

Adrian from Kit International Supplies and Logistics Officer explains how the relationship between Orana and Kit International began. “I was led to making an enquiry online as I am very aware of social capital and the chance to assist in the disability sector was appealing. Through due diligence process I approached three organisations that work in the disability space. Both your attitude in preparedness for this and competitive pricing made Orana the preferred option. In hindsight this was a great decision and all the processes were smooth and I was extremely impressed on the final outcome.

Kit International has distributed over 2,000,000 Kits and trained 10,000 traditional birth attendants over its 20+ year operation and we are pleased that we have now been able to engage with those marginalised in Australia to assist even further in our total CSR profile. We look forward to future engagements”.

KIT International’s solution is building on the foundation of their Clean Birth Kit. They aim to address gender inequality and injustice by creating opportunities in health, education and livelihoods for women and girls. They do this by raising awareness about the barriers and issues women and girls face; helping them with essential care and services and building their capacity through education and training. KIT International’s ultimate goal is enabled systems in which women can become truly empowered.

Carolyn, Manager Business Development at Orana Netley expressed, “the opportunity to on board KIT International as a new customer to Orana was extremely rewarding for me as I knew assembling the kits would provide our clients with meaningful work that would have a lasting impact globally”.

Kit International provided Orana with exceptional guides on how to assemble and pack the birthing kits for an easy, flowing assembly line.

A few statements of how the employees and staff feel about being a part of this project:

“I really like working on the Birthing Kits. It takes patience and I enjoy it!”
Patrick – Orana Netley employee

“It is good to help people who are less fortunate than us. Knowing women can give birth safely with sterile items from the birthing kit. It makes me feel happy and proud to be a part of this!”
Chloe – Orana Netley employee

“This is a fantastic opportunity. Quite rewarding and is universal based”.
Kelly – Orana Netley Supervisor

“To meet the increasing demand for our Clean Birth Kits, we are proud to be working with Orana Australia Ltd to create opportunities for South Australians living with disability. Kits assembled by Orana employees like Monica, Maria and Chloe (seen in video and slides below) now deliver twice the impact for the local and global community”.
Adrian – Supplies and Logistics Officer KIT International after his first visit to Orana Netley to see the assembly area.

Orana is proud to contribute together with KIT International towards building a better world for women and girls. To find out more about KIT International you can visit their website at

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