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Orana Clients at WOMADelaide 2020

One of the many activities offered to the clients from Shierlaw Street and Williams Avenue houses during ‘Mad March’ in Adelaide this year was WOMADelaide 2020. Jayne, Lesley, James (‘Sticks’), Chris, Gary (‘Gazza’) and Dean (‘Deano’) chose to attend WOMADelaide and staff assisted them to budget for the day and arrange to purchase tickets.

The very kind people at WOMADelaide Head Office suggested Monday as the best day for everyone to attend and arranged for some very generously discounted tickets. Helen, Janelle and John were the support staff for the day. Jayne, Lesley, Sticks and John arrived first and the immediate reaction was “WOW”.

The festival is set in Adelaide’s Botanic Park and the atmosphere from the entrance was one of calm, peace and festivity enhanced by the large colourful flags fluttering in the gentle breeze. The further they went into the park the more they were enveloped by the atmosphere.

The first group set up a camp site close to one of the stages and shortly after the others arrived. Once camp was set up, the team left their backpacks and went for an orientation walk. The park is huge and there were seven different performance stages across the site as well as two large villages of food and retail outlets and several other areas providing other activities and information venues.

Once everyone knew where to meet if they became separated, lunch was next on the agenda, with and overwhelming choice of food available to choose from. Once their choices were made, they sat down with their meals, listening to the sounds coming from the main stage of Orange Orange Drum Theatre from Malaysia.

After finishing lunch, they went to watch the rest of the performance of Orange Orange Drum Theatre who provided the first opportunity of the day to dance to the fantastic beats from the large collection of 24 drummers.

Next, they went to the nearby Stage 2 to listen to the Soul and Samba beats of Liniker e os Caramelows from Brazil. They were soon dancing again!

Back to the main stage to the fusion sounds of Afrobeat, Latin, hip-hop, grime and jazz from the UK band, Ezra Collective then a quick trip to the Morten Bay Stage to catch the second half of the set from Tami Nielson with her rockabilly style of music. Again, much dancing was had!

Next was a change of pace when they group visited the Australian artist Odette’s performance at Stage 3 for some soulful and melodic music to chill to.

The main stage came to life again with the fantastic R&B sounds of a legend of the music world, Mavis Staples and her band.

The group headed off for dinner and were surrounded by the mesmerising puppets of Company Archibald Caramantran from France.

After dinner it was a long walk to Stage 7 to catch the Soul, afro beat, hip hop sounds of the Australian group True Vibenation. After this set everyone was exhausted from dancing and slowly made their way back to the campsite surrounded by the sounds of several other performances, stopping on their way to dance to the Latin disco-punk grooves of Los Amigos Invisibles from Venezuela as a final chance to soak up the atmosphere before heading back home after an exciting day of music and dance.

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