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Orana Client Awards

The Orana Client Awards are held twice a year to celebrate client achievements. This year, there were nominations put forward for the Health and Wellbeing and Community Inclusion categories.

Orana is proud to announce the Client of the Year Award 2018 winner is Billie Kernahan from Orana Pt Augusta BS. Congratulations also to the Client of the Year Award 2018 runner-up, John May from Orana Murray Bridge BS.

Winner: Billie Kernahan  (Pt Augusta BS)

Billie has been running the water for South Football Club for many years. She has also attended the Tri State Games in the ‘Spencer Sprites’ team. Last year Billie got involved with the new Inclusive Basketball league. Billie loves basketball and often encourages others to come along and have a go. Recently, she has been interviewed and appeared on the local news for basketball. Billie is very social amongst Pt. Augusta’s sporting community. Everybody knows her, and recognises her dedication to her clubs. Billie is a competitive team player. She loves to celebrate her achievements with her team mates.

Congratulations to Billie! She is heavily involved with her local community and encourages others to be involved also.

Runner up: John May (Murray Bridge BS)

John has lost 35kg over the past two years. He is making an effort to eat healthier and exercise more. He has taken up a gym membership and is working with health workers in regards to keeping his diabetes under control.

Congratulations to John! His dedication to achieving his health goals is inspirational.

Choosing the finalists was not easy; all nominations were of a high standard. Well done to Billie and John. Keep up the fantastic work and progress! Thank you to staff for nominations and supporting our Orana Client Awards. Orana’s Annual Client Awards are proudly sponsored by Salary Solutions.

*Next year’s format will be slightly different. There will only be one round of nominations which will be open right throughout the year. More information will be released about this next year.