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Orana’s 70th Birthday

As we move into a new decade, 2020 is a special year for Orana. On 10th August 2020, we will celebrate our 70 year anniversary of supporting people with disability and working towards creating a more inclusive society for all.

We are marking seven decades of Orana and we’d like to share with all our friends and the community how we have progressed and grown through these decades. Join us every week, where we will take you on ’Our Journey’ – a walk down memory lane of where it all began in 1950 to where we are today in 2020.

We have a long and proud history of supporting people with disability. From our humble beginnings, to becoming one of SA’s largest and respected disability service providers, Orana has evolved and developed along with the disability sector over the past 70 years.

A small group of parents seeking educational and training opportunities for their children with intellectual disabilities, who previously had been denied access to such opportunities, met at a public meeting in Adelaide on the 10th August, 1950. As a result of this meeting, the Mentally Retarded Children’s Society (now Orana) was formed.

Dedicated to our vision of a society where people with disability are equal citizens, we have played an active role in improving awareness and progressing the nature of disability support in Australia.

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Image 1: The original team of the first M.R.C.S. Industrial Training Centre at Kent Town.
From left: Margaret Jamieson, Mary Poole, Kevin Barry, Nell McNiece, Tony Rogers and Barrie Young.

Image 2: Art work of children at the Kent Town Child Occupation Centre.

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