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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Last Wednesday afternoon the State Government announced a total state ‘hard’ and immediate 6 day lock down. This prompted Orana and every South Australian business to follow suit and announce our respective closure plans. Fortunately, over the last 24 hours new information to hand has prompted the government to suspend the 6 day lock down (from midnight Saturday 21/11/20) and return to pre lockdown restrictions.

SA Health measures are very important and we must not forget our duty of care to our clients, staff, the broader community.

Therefore, from Monday 23rd Orana will revert to the restrictions discussed Tuesday evening after the Business Continuity Meeting. These will be maintained through to and including Friday 27 November.

Orana Restrictions:
– Managers and supervisors will be contacting employees on Monday 23 November to let everyone know what is happening. We will contact the employees to minimise risk ensuring social distancing is maintained. Some employees may already have been contacted to return to work. It is best to wait until you are contacted by Orana.
– Netley Head Office (26 Watson Avenue) is to remain open as usual with a reduced number of staff
– The entrance to reception will be locked from tomorrow morning with access being made available by Reception
– Ridleyton admin staff have the same working options as Netley Head Office
– Regional services will remain open and provide client services as usual with GM’s ensuring social distancing measures in the workplace
– Travel between all sites and to regional areas is to remain suspended (unless essential)

The Senior Management Team are to implement their Department Covid-19 Response Plans in place from earlier this year and communicate to their staff, clients, parents and carers:
– Staff providing direct client services are asked to wear masks at all times when at work (gloves and gowns as necessary)
– Orana Business Service staff are to remain in attendance with increased social distancing
– Employees in our Business Services that have health conditions are encouraged to stay at home during this time
– Orana employees attending work are to have the option of wearing masks and can provide their own if preferred
– Carers, parents and visitors collecting and dropping off clients should be encouraged to do so at the building entrance and not enter the building. Managers to put signs up on doors advising politely ‘no entry’ at this time
– Orana Independent Living Services are to continue client services with reduced outings for clients to minimise risk of infection
– As an interim staff rosters are to be reviewed to minimise multiple site service provision
– Down Syndrome SA client services are to be held via zoom or ‘face to face’ if social distancing measures can be maintained
– School visits to be negotiated with the respective schools
– Family members and visitors to all Orana services are to be kept to a minimum
– If any services are in need of PPE apparel please contact your manager immediately as there may be waiting periods if the number of community infections are not limited over the next week or two

An update as to continued service restriction and risk mitigation practices as listed above will be will be provided to Orana clients, parents and carers and staff mid next week after our next BCT Meeting on Wednesday 25th or earlier depending on Government and SA Health directives.
As stated previously I appreciate everyone’s ongoing support and patience.

If anything has not been taken into consideration or has been missed please email Orana at [email protected].

Nicholas Mihalaras
Chief Executive Officer
Orana Australia Limited

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