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As a registered NDIS provider in South Australia, Orana is committed to providing the best possible services under the scheme.

Creating opportunities for a challenging future

Hi, my name is Lyell, I have been supported by Orana for the last five years.

After experiencing a back injury at a previous place of employment, I found myself with the big challenge of finding a job. Due to my physical disability, the landscape was not very positive for me and my wife.

I decided to give myself a chance and joined Orana. I really enjoy my work; it is like brain food for me. I feel more independent and motivated.

For the last year, I have received continued support from Orana with 1:1 sessions with the Orana’s Client Development Coordinator and the Capacity Building team, who have assisted me in my preparation and setting up for my first NDIS plan.

They answered all my questions and provided me with information to support my preparation for my planning meeting with the NDIA.

I found the process fairly straight forward. The people from the NDIA were very nice when they came to my house for my planning meeting. We spoke about all of my needs.

About six week after we had the Planning meeting with the NDIA, I received a call from them letting me know that my NDIS plan was approved.

My NDIS plan included everything I asked for. I received funding to continue my supported employment with Orana, to go to the physio and also to get a new chair at home that is easier for me to get in and out due to my back injuries.

To get started using my approved NDIS plan, I met with Orana staff and signed a Service Agreement with Orana for my supported employment, one that I was happy with.

I also created a plan with my physio to have regular appointments so that I can maintain my health. The physio claims directly from the NDIS so I don’t have to worry about it.

Orana’s support mean I felt more informed and confident about my decisions and preparation for my NDIS plan.

Overall the NDIS has been a pretty smooth process.

I am just starting to think about my first NDIS review coming up in a few months’ time and whether there is anything else that may support me into the future.

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