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As a registered NDIS provider in South Australia, Orana is committed to providing the best possible services under the scheme.

How will the NDIS affect me?

You will have more choice, more control and more options to ensure the support you receive is able to meet your needs.

Do I need to go on the NDIS?

Anyone who currently receives services with Orana either in supported employment, accommodation, in-home support or respite, will need to transition to the NDIS once it becomes available in your area to be able to continue receiving those supports.

What happens if I am over 65 years old?

If you are over 65 at the time the NDIS rolls out in your area, you will not be eligible. You will continue to receive support consistent with what you already receive, but it will be funded by the Aged Care System.

If you can’t get the Disability Support Pension (DSP), you can’t access NDIS

The eligibility criteria are different; some people will be able to access NDIS even if they can’t access DSP.

Will I lose the DSP when I transition to the NDIS?

The NDIS is not income support. Your DSP will not be affected if you become an NDIS participant, except for the Mobility Allowance as NDIS support includes transport.

Can I only use service providers registered with the NDIA?

Participants who self-manage their NDIS plan or who have a Plan Management Provider can choose any service providers they wish. Orana is Registered NDIS Provider in South Australia.

Is it true that the NDIS costs too much so the Government is going to cut it?

No, the NDIS continues to have strong support from both Commonwealth and State and Territory Governments.

If I am not currently getting disability supports, am I not eligible for the NDIS?

NDIS eligibility criteria is different than many existing disability support programs and people who are not currently receiving funded supports may still be able to access the NDIS.

If I am found not to be eligible for the NDIS, will I be able to get any help from the NDIS?

A key pillar of the NDIS is ‘community and mainstream’ which means even if you are not able to receive funding from the NDIS, the NDIA may still provide you with advice, referrals and support.

Will I still be able to receive the NDIS after I turn 65 years old?

Participants who join the NDIS before they turn 65 can choose to stay in the NDIS after their 65th birthday.

Will my support end when my plan ends?

No, each plan is based on your support needs and will be reviewed annually to ensure it continues to help you reach your goals. If you haven’t had your review meeting yet, you can continue to use your current supports until you receive your next plan.

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