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Life Out Loud

Orana has been delivering the ‘Life out Loud’ program since 2012.

The program focusses on topics around personal rights, safety in the community, hygiene, healthy relationships and sexual education.

The program can either be delivered on an individual basis or in a small group depending on the wishes of the participants.

Various mediums are used in the training program to ensure that it is fun, interactive and appropriate. It aims to provide practical education to adults which they can apply to their daily life, as well as focussing on team work and respectful relationships.

Recently Orana’s Life out Loud program was offered to people from our independent living units with six men taking up the opportunity to participate. The feedback, both during and after the program was positive from the participants.

‘It was good. I enjoyed it and liked playing all the games. I was learning about all of the male and female private parts too. I enjoyed drawing the picture of the man [male role model]’ said Joel, one of the participants.

The Life out Loud program has been developed and is facilitated by Orana’s Developmental Educators. It is not only available to current clients of Orana, but to any adults with appropriate NDIS funding.

For more information about participating in the next Life out Loud program, contact Rowena on
8375 2000 or

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