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Our newsletter Oranability will transitioning from a printed to a digital version in June 2018.

NDIS Update

NDIS lingo explained…With the NDIS set to rollout in South Australia for adults with disability from 1st July, Orana has been providing information to people we support, families and carers in the first transition areas to ensure everyone is NDIS ready.


Orana is looking for dedicated volunteers to join our very friendly Communications, Fundraising and Op Shop team.

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Sharing the passion for work

The Orana employees at Ridleyton with their supervisor.

Lindsay Shutt, better known as ‘Paul’, as he prefers to be called by his friends, has been working at Orana for more than 12 years.

Born with a visual impairment, Paul has a real passion for sharing his story, hoping to encourage others with disability to push themselves to achieve their goals. Supported by his Client Coach and Orana staff, Paul has taken the first step to achieving another of his own goals – sharing his own story with a wider audience to encourage people to see past perceived ‘limitations’ of people living with disability and to see the potential within everyone. The first step towards this goal is Paul sharing his story in this edition of Oranability. Next he is hoping to share his story at schools and universities. When asked about his personal experiences Paul becomes very passionate. “I used to work on a farm, and with other disability organisations, but didn’t feel ‘welcomed’. I didn’t have many friends and did minimal work. They rejected me and told me I wasn’t good enough. But I am good and I am aware of what I can do” says Paul.

“When I started working at Orana I felt welcomed and supported by all of the staff and employees. It didn’t take long before I had lots of friends. The Orana staff treated me like a human being, not like a couch! Disability doesn’t matter, everybody is different. Without work, I would be stuck. I like what I do at Orana. Everyone at Orana works hard, we are champions. I will work to make Orana number one.” says Paul.

Encouraged by his supervisor, Paul has started using his cane again. He had stopped using in the past because somebody told him he was whacking people with it. After some coaching he uses it successfully now to move about the building and has become much more proficient with it at work.

Providing specific support to Paul, Orana’s Ridleyton site became more ‘vision impaired friendly’ with yellow chains and painted lines to help him find his way in and out of the building.

Feeling positively embraced at work, Paul’s communications skills have improved. He loves a chat, is very popular with his peers, enjoys sharing a laugh and encouraging other people. Paul is quite able when it comes to assembling ‘new style’ dollies. He is enthusiastic when ‘screw assembly’ jobs come in, wanting to be kept up-to-date on how many we are doing and how many to go.

For Paul, Orana has become ‘his home’. The positive impact of work has inspired him to motivate and cheer up his mates and colleagues. What are Paul’s future plans?

“I take it day by day”, he says. ”I want to work with the team at Orana, show the community how good we are, and that we can achieve anything. I will be happy with that.”

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Paul enjoys assembling all styles of dollies.