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Creating opportunities for a challenging future

After experiencing a back injury at a previous place of employment, Lyell found himself with the big challenge of finding a job. Due to his physical disability, the landscape was not very positive for him and his wife.

‘Before coming to Orana, I wasn’t very positive. My health wasn’t good and I was struggling to find a job. I was very impatient’ says Lyell.

He decided to give himself a chance and joined Orana working at the Mitsubishi enclave, which used to be located at Wingfield when Lyell first joined the team. ‘When we were relocated from Wingfield to Netley , I thought it would not suit me as the drive from home would take me 40 mins, but I also felt I wanted to see if I could do more. When the team at Orana encouraged me to join the group at Netley, I felt that they needed me. I decided to give it a try.’

This year, Lyell is celebrating five years working at Orana, one and a half of these at Netley.

‘Lyell has truly developed in the last couple of years. He is reliable, has a positive rapport with his team and has been able to adapt in the transition to different work areas. He copes well with changes and keeps control when handling issues. He has developed Customer Service skills and is able to communicate directly with clients’ says Margaret, his Orana Supervisor at Netley.

‘I enjoy my work, it is like brain food. It took a while for me to feel comfortable, but I slowly built up. Now I am directly dealing with customers, checking reports, sending stock out, organising pick up dates and checking quality standards. I like to check work is done correctly, to ensure it meets the customer’s requirements,’ says a very positive Lyell.

‘I have also learnt technical things regarding the Mitsubishi auto parts. Now I am able to teach other people. I have a back issue that limits me physically, but work is very good and keeps my brain active. I like maths, thinking ahead, planning my day and week. Orana has supported me with the opportunity to work, and I really enjoy working with my team,’ says Lyell. ‘The supervisors are very friendly and supportive. I’m feeling more independent and motivated.’

Lyell has received continued support from Orana with 1:1 sessions. Orana’s Client Development Coordinator and Capacity Building team assisted Lyell in his preparation for his first NDIS plan – answering questions and providing him with information to support his preparation for his planning meeting with the NDIA. Orana’s support meant Lyell felt more informed and confident about his decisions and preparation for his NDIS plan.

After Lyell completed his twelve month support plan with the NDIS he signed a Service Agreement with Orana and is now receiving even more supports than in the past.

Congratulations on successfully completed your NDIS plan and achieving your first five years at Orana Lyell!

Orana provides support and employment for people living with disability. Please consider making a donation to assist with  providing positive futures for people like Lyell. Your support can make a real difference to a family.
All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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Lyell enjoys work and has developed social and work skills.