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A home of their choice

Karen and Gail, who both live with disability, have been house-mates for over ten years and receive in-home support from Orana. Recently they have been working with their Orana Client Coach on a very special project – redecorating their home to reflect their personal style and taste.

With the help of their Client Coach, the ladies worked on a plan to revamp their home. The project encouraged the friends to learn new ways of working together, decision making, planning and budgeting. Together they worked out a redecorating plan. This included decluttering, drawing up a list of items they wanted to buy, a timeframe for each stage and a general budget for the house makeover project. The project inspired friends and family, with some of them donating items the ladies needed for their ‘new-look’ home. By making their place brighter and a nicer place to come home to, they felt more comfortable about inviting friends and family to visit.

It was very hands on work! The ladies hung new curtains and rearranged the old and new furniture. The result is a much roomier lounge and dining area for Karen and Gail to relax in and a second living area, dedicated to their favourite football team – ‘the Crows room’, is decorated with posters of the Adelaide Football Club. This room which used to store everything and anything, is now set up with two computer desks, a sofa, a stereo and a TV to play the Wii games on.

Each bedroom was decorated to personal taste. In each room are new freestanding ‘built in’ style wardrobes and accessories to show off their personal sense of style, including lamps, pictures and new linen. New heaters and fans were attached to the walls of each bedroom to eliminate any safety issues.

Their Orana Client Coach supported Karen and Gail to look for new furniture through community websites and with the help of some family members, organised the hire of a trailer to collect their new dining table and chairs. Now the kitchen and dining room look much more spacious and tidy.

Karen and Gail are very happy with the results of the makeover. Their home now reflects their personal choice, decorated in their own style and reflecting their personalities. Their new goal is to work on the outside, enabling the backyard to be used more.

This will be achieved with money they will collect from a garage sale and the collection of cans and bottles. Congratulations Karen and Gail. The redecoration looks great!

The now much roomier and brighter lounge room and Karen and Gail are delighted with the results!

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