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NDIS Update


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NDIS Update

The NDIS has commenced rolling out in some areas of South Australia for adults 18-64 years old. Orana has supported a number of clients to successfully transition onto the NDIS ensuring that they receive the best outcome with their NDIS Plan and have access to the supports they need to achieve their goals.

Bill is a supported employee with Orana and has already transitioned onto the NDIS and we asked him some questions about how he found the NDIS transition process. This is what he had to say…

Can you explain the steps that you went through when you transitioned onto the NDIS?

I was sent letters in the post from Orana and the NDIS and we had group information sessions (with Orana) going through it all.

Orana gave me some information privately too so I could talk about confidential matters.

I was given a green booklet (My NDIS Planning workbook) to help me prepare. I filled out the NDIS booklet, some with my support worker and some with Alicia – an Orana Client Development Coordinator.

Where did you choose to have your NDIS planning meeting?

At my employment service with Alicia (Orana Client Development Coordinator) and Feros Care (LAC – doing the planning meeting)

What sort of questions did the NDIS Planner/LAC ask you in the NDIS planning meeting?

What aspects I needed help with, what therapies and supports I might need, what my goals and hopes were for the future.

How long did the meeting go for?

Nearly two hours.

Did the NDIS planner help you to understand what would happen next?

Yes, he did. He rang me up and gave me information four or five weeks later on what funding was available for me. He gave me three or four organisations to choose from for Support Coordination and then said it was up to me to decide what choice to make.

Now that you have received your approved NDIS plan, are you happy with the supports that you have funded, and will they help you to achieve your goals?

Yeah really happy. It was pretty smooth actually.

What would be your advice to someone who is waiting to have their NDIS planning meeting?

Get someone to help you to fill out your Orana My NDIS planning book.