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My home

June Wright has lived with an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) for about thirty years. In August of this year, June was announced the overall winner of the Embrace Life After Brain Injury Award in August, an accomplishment making her parents, Sheila and Bernard, very proud.

The journey for the Wright family has been a long one. 12 months ago, Sheila and Bernard, like many parents, realised a year ago, that they were unable to provide the support June required. They were concerned that their vulnerable daughter would have to be cared for by strangers and were finding it difficult to let go. However, June moved into her new home with Orana, adjusting to her new surroundings extremely well.

12 months later and the concern has vanished. Linda, who supported June find her new home, received a lovely note from Sheila. Sheila mentioned that she was travelling to June’s home (Amaroo) with her husband Bernard, June, and June’s sister Susan, and that when they turned into Mills Street, Sheila asked, “Oh, what’s down here?” June replied, “My home!”

The journey for June’s family has been fraught with emotion, so hearing this proves that the transition from the family home has been a success!

June referring to Amaroo as ‘my home’ is truly wonderful news for the family, and a huge testament to Heath, the Service Manager and the team of Client Coaches who have supported her every day since December 7th, 2020. This family was so happy with Orana’s support that they have referred another family to Orana, resulting in another person with disability receiving support in what they hope will be their long-term home.

While many of us take the rite of passage of moving out of our family home for granted, for people with disability, it can be a traumatic experience. When we, as disability providers, have such a long-term positive impact on someone’s life as well as the lives of their families, we have all contributed to Orana’s mission, which is a wonderful feeling to experience.