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Loxton gets propagating!

In January 2020, Orana Loxton Business Services (LBS) was first approached to plant trials of both olive and pomegranate cuttings. To achieve this, two heat mats were purchased and humidity tents were built in order to create the ideal growing conditions. The trials were a success and Orana LBS went on to secure another couple of customers to grow olives for.

With business growing, a four stage proposal was compiled to apply for a grant to convert our largest tunnel for propagation. This consisted of gutting the tunnel, leaving the main infrastructure and rebuilding four new 28 metre beds from Enviroclad. Each bed has a series of eight pipes channelled into it, to circulate warm water in order to keep the plant roots warm in the cool months. Other adjustments made included the creation of a 6 metre wet wall at one end of the tunnel and two large fans at the other end of the tunnel, enabling the creation of cool, humid conditions.

Orana LBS currently has 25,000 olive plants in 20mm plugs. Once the roots grow (this can take between 6-8 weeks), they are then potted into a 50mm plug or tube stocks and transferred into the new propagation tunnel, reducing heat and humidity. Depending on the customer requirements, some plants will be ready in around four months and others can take up to one year.

Orana employees are involved in a variety of propagating tasks which involves: cutting preparation, planting, transfer potting, cutting tubes, filling trays with plugs and plant grading. As we continue to grow our propagation business, more employees will be trained in propagation tasks, providing additional work opportunities in a clean environment.

We are looking forward to our future business endeavours in the plant propagation area. If you are a business in need assistance, please contact our business development manager on 8375 2000.

From everyone at Orana, we’d like to say a huge thank you to all who helped during the renovations, your assistance was truly appreciated.

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