Mitsubishi and Orana partnership expands

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Orana and Mitsubishi partnering to create more jobs for people with disability

Orana and Mitsubishi announced today a new contract that will create more than 20 jobs for people with disability, which will see Orana employees assemble and pack more than 82,000 service kits for Mitsubishi dealerships nationally in the first year, with this number set to jump to almost 200,000 in the near future.

A vital tool for Mitsubishi dealers, the service kits will ensure all parts required for regular vehicle maintenance are available to dealers in one complete set.

“Our relationship spans more than 27 years and it’s continually evolving to ensure we meet the needs of Mitsubishi, at the same time as providing work and development opportunities for our employees,” Orana CEO Nick Mihalaras said.

Employees at Orana’s Para Hills West factory, recently damaged by fire, will also benefit from the contract. They will build the pallets used to store and ship completed kits across the nation.

Mitsubishi Motors Australia CEO Mutsuhiro Oshikiri said the company was committed to supporting the South Australian community.

“We are very proud that Orana and Mitsubishi continue to work together to help provide employment opportunities for people with disability,” said Mr Mihalaras.

“Mitsubishi has demonstrated a community spirit and a corporate social responsibility that not many organisations at a local level demonstrate and we are extremely grateful to be so closely involved with the company.”

Thanks to Mitsubishi Motors Australia for your continued support.

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