$50K winning ticket from Orana lotto

Monday, May 29th, 2017

A Keno player landed a Spot 8 prize of $50,000 with a ticket purchased from Orana’s Lotto & Newsagency, situated in the Wharflands Plaza, Tassie Street, Port Augusta!

A woman from Port Augusta claimed one of the $50,000 prizes admitting she second-guessed whether she’d won when she saw someone else had won in the same draw!

“I’ve been playing probably since Keno started and I’ve won a few $1000 but nothing like this! It’s terrific!” she exclaimed.

“I looked at my ticket and at the numbers up on the screen and first of all I thought ‘Oh wow, I hope I’m in that draw!’ and then ‘Could it be?’

“So I was waiting for a winner message to pop up, but then it came up saying someone else in Adelaide had won in that draw, so I was second-guessing if I could be so lucky!

“I got my ticket scanned and it said I’d had a win but not how much, so I went onto the SA Lotteries website when I got into work and yeah there it was!”

She had her plans for her $50,000 windfall already mapped out.

“I’ll use it to pay some off my house I reckon,” she said.

“I’ll probably have a couple of holidays in there too!”

Roylene Noll is a staff member at Orana Lotto & Newsagency and was over the moon for their winning Keno customer.

“Are you serious! Oh my goodness, that’s great news! Go us!” Ms Noll exclaimed.

“We’ve been so busy this afternoon, that we didn’t get a chance to see our name pop up on the Keno screen.

“We’re very happy for our winning Keno customer and hope it happens more often!”

Source: Tatts.com