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Katelyn takes pride in her work

Katelyn has been working at Orana’s Loxton Business Services for the past three years. Every day she strives to do her best in every aspect of her work. Fiona the Business Service Manager at Loxton said, ‘Katelyn’s work performance has increased, especially building Clipsal dollies and now averages 2,500 per day and is excellent at following work instructions and is a huge asset assisting staff’.

At the 2019 Orana Client Awards, Katelyn was selected as a runner-up for the Employment Award category, chosen for her efforts and achievements while working at Loxton. Katelyn is courteous, respectful and is always helpful to staff and her co-workers. Katelyn has shown initiative in her work by asking questions and doing her best at any task. On average, Katelyn is great at sewing, making over 500 bags per hour.

Katelyn has been nominated for the Social Club Committee by her peers for the past two years and takes it upon herself to take lunch and purchase orders as discussed in the committee. She is also on the coffee roster – making 22 cups of coffee by herself each Wednesday, then washing the dishes and tables. Katelyn’s work ethic is great and she uses her initiative by keeping busy during down-time and cleans.

She has recently increased her work hours to an extra day per week as she likes to keep busy. Katelyn is an honest, trustworthy person and an absolute pleasure to have at the Loxton Business Service says her manager Fiona.

When Katelyn was informed about the award she was receiving, she was shocked as she was not expecting it. Katelyn said, ‘I was just happy being praised for my work by staff. This has made me really happy and I felt really good telling my parents as they were very proud of me’.

Keep it up Katelyn!