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June’s happy home

June has been an Orana client since the 7th of December 2020 and has moved into Independent Supported Living at Amaroo. June has settled in very well and enjoys living at Amaroo, where she has made some new friends. June happily shared, “Orana is good, the house I am in is clean and well taken care of, and the other residents and all the carers are all good”.

Questions & Answers with June and family

What is your story June?

I was born in England, the youngest of five sisters. A little before my 4th birthday, I migrated to Australia with my parents and sisters and settled in Adelaide, South Australia. I grew up a happy girl that would always skip and jump rather than walk. I did this so much that my family nicknamed me Skippy!

I did well at school and work. Just two months before my 17th birthday, I became a victim of a crime where I suffered a serious head injury. After such a terrible ordeal, I have had many good days and many bad days, but thanks to my family, I am a survivor.

How long did the process take before you found your happy home?

Sheila (June’s mum) said, “Before June’s happy home, we looked at a couple of homes not suited for June. I went on the internet and found two vacancies at Amaroo, and within a week, we met Steve to look around. It was hard seeing June living away from her family home, but it has to be, and we are all happy with Amaroo”.

What do you think of June’s new home?

“We think June’s new home is good for her, she gets good care, we notice she knows a few names now. June has told us she likes living at Amaroo, she has friends, and is happy. What more can we ask for? Just “Carers – keep up your good work,” shared Sheila and her family.

Does Orana support you with anything else?

I am taken to physio and speech sessions and have started to go to Club Slick events, which I enjoy.

What do you do in your spare time?

Board games, jigsaws, watch DVDs, do crafts such as making cards and colouring.

Anything else interesting you would like to share about your life? 

I have been on many holidays in Australia and Overseas, visiting many countries. I like to travel.

I like going to the cinemas and ten-pin bowling.

I have created a Wildlife garden at Amaroo with all my animals I made and painted at ceramic lessons over the years. Everyone likes to see the garden when they visit.

A few of Orana’s Client Coaches from Independent Supported Living shared their experiences of June:

“Observing June’s transition to Independent Supported Living at Amaroo has been a great experience. June is a bright and happy person with a great sense of humour; her laugh brings joy daily to the Client Coaches who support her. The other residents of Amaroo have welcomed their new addition with open arms, and June enjoys the company of her new housemates. Whether playing board games, watching Tom Cruise movies, or heading out for a walk in the sunshine, June loves engaging with the environment and people around her. Orana has shown considerable dedication to easing June into her new accommodation arrangement whilst the Amaroo Client Coaches and Service Manager have constantly strived to provide a high level of person-centred care in all aspects of June’s daily supports”.
– Olivia, Orana Client Coach

“I am one of the lucky Client Coaches that has been assisting June at Amaroo since her arrival late last year. June has been an absolute joy to have in our community at Amaroo, and she has the most infectious smile. June enjoys being social and playing games, her favourite colour is blue, and she wants to be Tom Cruise’s next wife. June has a big sweet tooth and loves singing along to 70s and 80s music. We have been working on strengthening her mobility, building confidence and working on improving June’s communication skills. June’s family have been such great support and are very involved in June’s everyday life. Sheila and Bernie have been extremely helpful in assisting us in providing June with the best support possible. June is a valued person at Amaroo, and I always look forward to seeing her smiling face”.
– Jess, Orana Client Coach

Here is a photo album June and her family have kindly shared with us:

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