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Holly’s Graduation

Holly returned to Orana services approximately five months ago. Since reuniting with Orana, Holly has connected with Lisa, one of her main 1:1 client coaches, extremely quickly. This was not something the family expected. Holly and her family then invited Lisa to attend her final year school graduation. Lisa of course accepted and was very excited to share this celebration; this has brought a fabulous outcome for all. They both can’t explain how their relationship happened. It was an instant connection and they get along so well.

Since the invite to Holly’s graduation, her family have shared and promoted within the Whyalla community, the professionalism of Orana’s services. The family have sent numerous emails thanking our team and keeping staff updated on Holly’s milestones that she achieved with Lisa and the other Client Coaches’ support. Holly receives 1:1support, respite care girls group and emergency respite services. As a result of other families hearing of Holly’s experience and invitation to her client coach, three other families have asked Orana staff members to attend their child’s graduation too. In total, the service manager and four client coaches attended the final year school graduation.

Holly’s final year of school graduation was on Friday the 22nd of November at the Westland Hotel.

On the day of the event, Lisa went to Holly’s house to help her get ready for the big event. She supported Holly getting prepared in her outfit and assisting with the final beauty touch.

It was a lovely, joyful celebration. The children felt the support from their families and the staff members who attended. Have a look at the pictures below!

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