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Holiday Program Fun!

Orana ran a holiday program for clients from Orana Accommodation Services during the December – January break which included a special New Year’s Eve party too!

There was great interest throughout the whole program, with over 20 clients taking part from Orana’s Galway Avenue, Williams Avenue and Shierlaw Street homes and two in-home clients with 10 Client Coaches supporting over the whole period.

Knowing that holidays were coming, clients were keen to know what they would be doing over the break, asking their Client Coaches, “What will we be doing for the holidays this year?” The Client Coaches suggested the clients come up with all the ideas they would like to do and start getting a list ready. People started to tell Kate (Service Manager) their ideas of what things they would like to do. Oh wow, lots of ideas, not enough time! Kate kept the list and continued to build on it for things to do throughout the coming year.

The result …… a list of twenty two ideas which was handed out to everyone interested in attending the holiday program!

December 22nd 2019

First stop, Live music on Sunday afternoon at The Highway – get up and boogie! Next, sadly due to the terrifying bushfires, the Lobethal Lights Tour had to be cancelled. Instead, the clients headed down to Semaphore for Fish & Chips and then drove through the western suburbs looking at the fantastic Christmas light display on people’s homes. By the end of the night they ended up at West End Brewery’s famous Christmas display!

The next outing was the very popular Dolphin Cruise in Port Adelaide. A scorcher of a day and everyone was grateful to be able to stay in air conditioning comfort on the boat. After lunch was served, the clients were lucky enough to see a mother and baby dolphin from their table!!! Absolutely breathtaking!

Unable to attend the Tram Museum in St Kilda as the trams weren’t running, they decided to go to the Port Adelaide Railway Museum. Another scorcher of a day however, but so much fun on the train!

With a forecast of 42°C, the Hahndorf Farm Barn was closed and sadly the sky was still thick with smoke. Instead, it was time for a cool day at the movies, watching Jumanji followed by lunch. Everyone loved it!

December 31st 2019

New Year’s Eve! A big thank you to everyone at Shierlaw Street for inviting the rest of the group over for a party and organising it all for everyone! During the night, Kate realised everyone would fit in the van and had an idea to drive down to West Beach to watch the fireworks happening at Glenelg. So after dinner and some singing and dancing, that’s what they did. It was a great idea! Everyone was blown away by the beauty of the fireworks and are planning to set up for a party on the beach next year!

January 1st 2020

New Year’s Day was perfect for taking it easy in the park, enjoying lunch and playing some bocce.

Day two of 2020 and how better to spend it than at the Adelaide Central Market! The clients caught the tram in, went on a tour with delicious tastings and learnt about how to ‘eat a rainbow’. Things turned adventurous when some tasting green ants!

Last Hurrah, dodgem karts and arcade games after lunch on Friday 3rd of January. Again, it was a hot one but everyone still had a great time. With a few tries of the dodgem karts, people were starting to get the hang of how to drive them. I think they’ll have to practice more! Then the arcade games followed. It was cooler in there but who thought you could work up a sweat playing Daytona?!

Phew! The end of the holiday program was coming to an end, time to get ready to go back to work. The clients were challenged with the weather and fires but found alternatives activities, enjoyed learning new things, using public transport (when possible) and having lots of fun hanging with good friends during the time off.

There are plenty of ideas to experience throughout the 2020 that weren’t able to undertaken during the holidays, as well as activities everyone would love to do again!

Due to the success of the holiday program, clients from Shierlaw Street and Williams Avenue will be trying other activities such as seeing shows at the Fringe and attending WOMADelaide.

What a fun time experiencing new activities with friends. The entire group, clients and staff, thoroughly enjoyed the whole program.

A special thank you to Client Coach Annie Dutriex who did a fantastic job by driving the whole program, Orana Service Manager, Kate, who did a great job coordinating and keeping the program on track with rosters, staffing and transport and to Down Syndrome SA, who gave the group access to their van for the days needed to transport a number of clients at a time.

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