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Hitting the road

Orana employees from Port Pirie Business Services are on the road again as they embark on the biennial journey from Port Pirie to Broken Hill, New South Wales, performing maintenance on 29 Telstra sites.

The Orana work crew, consisting of a supervisor and two employees, will travel 800 kilometres over two weeks to keep Telstra phone exchanges and mobile base stations neat and tidy.

Orana has approximately 35 employees and 12 support staff working on Telstra site maintenance across the state.

Landing a spot as part of the trio for this Orana outback adventure is competitive and a rotation policy has been implemented to share opportunities. It sees one new worker introduced on each trip who is trained by the more experienced team member.

Orana Port Pirie employee, Nickolas Robinson, will take part in his sixth journey in as many years as an Orana employee. He said he enjoyed working outside mowing lawns and removing graffiti.

“We all take great pride in our work and while it can be tiring, it is also a lot of fun for all involved,” he said.

Nickolas’ offsider, Jamie, also enjoys the work as well as the outback scenery and having the chance to meet new people during the trip.

The employees are involved in a variety of tasks ranging from lawn mowing, tree trimming and lopping, fence repairs, gutter cleaning, pest control and baiting, graffiti and rubbish removal.

The road trips will continue for at least another three years after Orana and Telstra agreed to continue their partnership via a competitive tender.

Nickolas, Jamie and their supervisor, Lenny, recently shared their story with The Advertiser, the Port Pirie Recorder and Southern Cross television news before they set off on their work journey.

All the best for your trip guys and keep up the great work!

Photo: Hip Photography

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