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As part of our Customer Experience Strategy, Orana is excited to announce the introduction of the Family Consultative Committee (‘FCC’), aimed at bringing together people with broad and unique knowledge and lived experience of disability, representing all Orana services.

The purpose of the FCC is to:

  • Bring together families and other representatives across all Orana services to understand the experience of our clients
  • Work together as a team to improve the experience of our clients
  • Identify any gaps and issues in how services are delivered
  • Consult with families and other representatives when implementing new services and programs
  • Assist in advising on policy issues for services regarding the interests of customers

The FCC’s role will be in an advisory capacity and is not a decision-making body.

The FCC shall comprise family and other representatives of Orana clients across all services with meetings held bi-monthly or sooner as required.

If you are interested in taking part in Orana’s Family Consultative Committee, please click here for a copy of the Expression of Interest form.