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Farewell Lewis

Orana Netley employees, staff and family members of Lewis gathered together for a Morning Tea on the 13th April 2021 to celebrate Lewis’ working life of 40 years and retirement on this day. At the morning tea, Lewis was presented with a gift and Certificate of Retirement.  

Lewis started his working life at Orana’s Kent Town site on 26th May 1980 at the age of 20. Lewis worked on a number of different tasks at Kent Town, such as:

– Packing nuts and bolts into plastic bags
– Raven sleeves
– Collating work
– Packing complete screen-printed glasses, jugs and bowls into cartons

Lewis was one of the original Kent Town employees who came across the consolidation of the three sites to form Netley. He commenced working at Netley on 7th April 2008.

Lewis worked on different jobs throughout his time at Netley, and his favourite task has been the dollies. One day Lewis achieved making 1,100 dollies!!! He enjoys knowing what he accomplishes each day. 

At Netley, Lewis worked on the following tasks over the years:

– Show bags
– Mitsubishi booklets
– Kosmea
– Hillmark
– Mail collating
– Dollies
– Hegs Pegs

Lewis has developed a love for painting and is looking at expanding this into his retirement.

From the staff here at Netley and all your friends, we wish you all the very best for your retirement. Lewis, you will be dearly missed, and we thank you for your years of service at Orana.

Lewis’ friends wished him all the best, saying, “we will miss you very much”, and “congratulations on your retirement Lewis”.

Q&A with Lewis

What is your favourite thing about work?

I like making Hegs pegs and being around people. I have made a few friends at Orana. I also like the celebrations at Orana.

What are your plans for retirement?

Spending time with family at home and painting.

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