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Oranability moving to digital

Our newsletter Oranability will transitioning from a printed to a digital version in June 2018.

NDIS Update

NDIS lingo explained…With the NDIS set to rollout in South Australia for adults with disability from 1st July, Orana has been providing information to people we support, families and carers in the first transition areas to ensure everyone is NDIS ready.


Orana is looking for dedicated volunteers to join our very friendly Communications, Fundraising and Op Shop team.

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Thank you for making a difference

Thank you to everyone who gave a donation to Orana’s February Appeal. Orana employees Rachael, Andrew, Annie and Jamie shared their experience of how Orana has supported them to live independent lives.

Working at Orana changed my life

Rachael says, “Orana offered me a job and changed my life. The staff made me feel welcome. They saw my potential not my disabilities. My claustrophobia has improved, I’m more confident and even my maths and spelling are better,” laughs Rachael. “Work has given me a sense of purpose.”

Employment brings freedom

For Andrew, who was born with Down Syndrome, working at Orana has given him the opportunity, resources and confidence to fulfil a long held dream. With the support of his family, Andrew moved from a shared home into his own apartment at Orana’s Galway Apartments. Now Andrew has a job he loves and a home to call his own.

Orana staff understand and support you

Annie suffers with depression. “At Orana, I feel like I am doing something worthwhile. Everyone supports each other, you are there for each other, just like a family. I have friends at Orana. I wouldn’t have that if I stayed at home.” “I love working at Orana” says Annie. “I have recommended it to other people. I would recommend it to anyone!”

Orana picked me up

“Orana picked me up when I was in a very dark place,” says Jamie. “I’m very proud to say I live and work at Orana. I do lots of different jobs, have learnt new skills, my confidence has grown. I tell everyone about Orana. My family know of Orana. My friends know of Orana. It’s my workplace, it’s my home.”

On behalf of Rachael, Andrew, Annie, Jamie and all other Orana clients and employees, thank you for your gift and support of Orana’s work.