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Our newsletter Oranability will transitioning from a printed to a digital version in June 2018.

NDIS Update

NDIS lingo explained…With the NDIS set to rollout in South Australia for adults with disability from 1st July, Orana has been providing information to people we support, families and carers in the first transition areas to ensure everyone is NDIS ready.


Orana is looking for dedicated volunteers to join our very friendly Communications, Fundraising and Op Shop team.

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Friday 13th October


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A colourful spirit

With a big smile, a very enthusiastic Orana employee, Dean Clappis, welcomed us to the Broughton Arts Society, where he takes painting, clay sculpture and pottery classes each week.

With the assistance of his Client Coach and his painting teacher, Dean has been working on improving his focus and concentration. ‘He has improved his attention to detail, his organisational skills and his self-esteem has improved’ says Peter, Dean’s Client Coach.

Dean loves to sketch and has created almost one hundred sketches of himself, his friends and the things he enjoys in life.

With many sketches to transfer to canvas, Dean’s next plan is painting his brother Mark and his beloved dog ‘Lulu’. He has also been painting for more than a year, using oil paint on canvas.

Recently Dean was inspired to paint two large canvases of his idols, Elton John and Lady Gaga. He is planning to send his Elton John and Lady Gaga portraits to his idols in the UK and USA. The Broughton Arts teachers have supported Dean to display his artwork at ‘Free Range’ gallery, within a community exhibition.

Through his painting and sculpting hobby, Dean likes to express his feelings and ideas. ‘It is fantastic, keeps me busy and keeps my mind good. I do my best. I am improving,’ says Dean. When asked what he likes best about sculpting Dean says, ‘I like the cold clay in my hands. I like making something new. It makes me happy.’

*The Broughton Art Society was founded by Ian Broughton in 1965 (a 20 year old man who had Muscular Dystrophy) as the Arts Society for the Handicapped, to provide a place for people with a disability to get together.

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