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Oranability moving to digital

Our newsletter Oranability will transitioning from a printed to a digital version in June 2018.

NDIS Update

NDIS lingo explained…With the NDIS set to rollout in South Australia for adults with disability from 1st July, Orana has been providing information to people we support, families and carers in the first transition areas to ensure everyone is NDIS ready.


Orana is looking for dedicated volunteers to join our very friendly Communications, Fundraising and Op Shop team.

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Friday 13th October

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Leading the way

Recently Bianca, from Magill Primary School, visited the Orana Netley Business Service to meet some of Orana’s clients and find out first-hand how Orana supports people living with disability.

Bianca, and five of her primary school friends, ran four cupcake sales at their school and donated the funds raised to Orana. Below is a letter from Bianca, explaining how she and her friends came to choose Orana as the charity they wanted to support.

Hi, I’m Bianca. My friends and I raised over $300 for Orana with cake sales at our school, Magill Primary.

I was inspired by the Little Moneymakers program to think of fundraising ideas. We had a 
brainstorm session in class and came up with the idea of cupcake sales.

I gathered a team of six people, including myself, and we decided to give it a go. At first we were undecided which charity to choose. When I got home that night, I saw Orana’s advert on TV and it touched my heart. I knew that Orana would be perfect. The next day, at school, I discussed it with my friends and we all agreed to support Orana.

Once we had permission from the school, and our parents, we set about baking and organising four cupcake sales to raise funds. It was hard work but fun and exciting too. The other children loved our cakes, jellies, popcorn and homemade lemonade. It was a great success! Next time we will dream bigger and hope to raise even more for such a wonderful

Bianca Kollberg, Year 5, Magill Primary School

We were excited to have Bianca and her father visit Orana’s Netley site. She was very popular with the employees who were delighted to give her some hands-on training.

You’re welcome back any time Bianca. Thank you to everyone involved for your hard work and fundraising efforts.