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Dean The Artist

Dean has been an employee at Orana for 13 years. In his spare time he is an artist. He draws, paints and creates pottery. Dean has been drawing and painting since a teenager and started creating pottery in his 30s.

His artistic journey began at Special School where he learnt the fundamentals. He continues to practise his art weekly on Wednesday and Thursday mornings at Adelaide Central School of Art. Dean expressed, “I enjoy art because it keeps my mind busy and makes me happy”.

Dean created a few pieces of artwork that he kindly gifted to staff at Orana Netley Business Services. Dean shares his art to spread joy; each piece of work is appreciated and brings happiness to others at Netley. Below you will see the elephant that was made in pottery class for his supervisor Kelly. Kelly said, “I receive comments all the time from other staff members on how beautiful it is”, referring to the elephant that sits on her desk in the Netley mail room. Then there is the owl painting that proudly hangs in Ian’s office, another Netley supervisor.

A couple of Q&A’s for the artist Dean:

What kind of art do you enjoy?

I love drawing

What is your favourite object to draw or make?

I like drawing DJs and animals.

  • Slider 1 713 x 385

  • Slider 2 713 x 385

  • Slider 3 713 x 385