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Dance Down Online Classes

It is official… Dance Down Online classes through Zoom are a hit! They have been available to attend online every Thursday evening from 30 April 2020.

We have five different classes to choose from:

The Juniors Class is for 12 years of age and under. It is a mix of ballet, jazz, hip-hop and funk as well as games for our youngest dancers.

The Contemporary Class is open for all ages. Dancers learn contemporary dance that is a major part of the competition team’s routines and has a major focus on core strength.

The Jazz Class is open for all ages. This class uses jazz dance as the vessel for cardio fitness, technique and fun.

The Ballet Class is open for all ages. Dancers learn ballet technique, strength and conditioning, flexibility and ballet routines.

The Hip-hop Class is open for all ages. Dancers learn hip-hop and funk choreography, focusing on rhythm and cardio fitness.


Feedback from the online dance classes so far…

Robyn, the dance teacher, asked all the Jazz class attendees, “what are your thoughts on what is great about Zoom dancing?”

“It’s coooooool” – Joe

“Yes I am ready for a good dance class” – George

“It’s cool” – Jack

“It is unique for me” – Bec

“I like being on Zoom because it keeps me active. Dancing with all my friends again” – Sarah

“It is good” – Dayna


“We had a wonderful evening with many of our amazing dancers joining multiple classes. It was a joy to see smiling faces, great energy and engagement as we learnt, practised and performed alone but still together on our screens.

Can’t wait to dance again next Thursday!”

Robyn – Dance Teacher


I like Hip Hop to see my friends on Zoom. I’m trying to learn one move – it’s difficult for me to do this, very tricky indeed, but I like the other moves that’s good. The whole thing is wicked, awesome – I like my Zoom session a lot”.



“Andrew has been very enthusiastic, he even bought his dance shoes home for last night’s session. He enjoys being able to see his friends”.

Andrew’s mum, Pam


“Missing out on her weekly Dance Down classes as the pandemic impacted was a sad prospect for Kate, as it meant not seeing her friends and being able to dance with them. Moving the classes online via Zoom has been a fantastic way that Kate has been able to continue her love of dancing.
Her dance teacher Robyn has been very kind and encouraging in her efforts to make the class feel like they are still a team. Thanks.”   

Sarah and Brendan Rogers


We will continue to offer Dance Down classes via Zoom until we are able to safely return to the Glenunga Hub, ensuring that we meet the physical distancing requirements.


Please be sure to check out some video snippets from all our online dance classes below. There are still a few spots left in all of our classes. As you can see, they are super fun! If you are interested please contact Merisa on 08 8375 2000.