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Cooking with Confidence

After the successful launch of Orana’s “Cooking with Confidence” program, clients have been supported to make happy and healthy decisions while cooking their own meals.

David is one client who has happily participated in the Cooking with Confidence program.

David expressed an interest in learning how to cook and has been supported by Orana’s Capacity Building Team. Orana met with David to discuss the details, design and delivery of the program, which has been tailored to David’s needs.

David has been participating with much enthusiasm in his cooking lessons and feels more confident to cook by himself.

David is having fun cooking, learning how to read new recipes, choosing what he wants to learn how to cook, taking leftovers to work for lunch and sharing recipes with friends.

He has become a lot more familiar with a variety of utensils in the kitchen (such as the purposes for different knives), using the stove top and different levels of heating. He is also learning about safety and hygiene in the kitchen.

Good on you David! Keep up the healthy cooking! We look forward to seeing photos of your next recipe!