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Clients Unleash Their Free Spirit at Bounce

BOUNCE INC is a loved destination for all to learn new skills, awaken confidence and just let go. A place inspiring everyone to forget the serious stuff for a while and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of fun!

Clients based at Netley – Rowan, James, Leslie, Joel, Shane and Geoff have all ventured into a new way of exercising outside of the gym with their Client Coaches Gerard and Mitch taking them to an alternative place >>> BOUNCE INC <<<.

BOUNCE is a place that creates and celebrates joy, fun and self-powered adrenaline. They are part of a global freestyle movement inspiring self-expression and human connection in physical activity. Through a unique blend of fun, freestyle, progression and development, BOUNCE is a place to develop and harness balance, coordination and agility.

All of the clients live at Galway and have been going to Bounce regularly on a Tuesday night. Client Coaches Gerard and Mitch said, “we have found this a great way to get some exercise with it being fun at the same time”. It ended up exceeding all expectations and becoming a really popular activity to do on Tuesday nights where all clients are welcome to join in on the fun.

There is zero pressure at Bounce. Clients have learnt jumping, climbing and it is 10 x more beneficial than a gym because they don’t realise how much they are working out due to all the fun they’re having! They push themselves with respect to what they want to learn and achieve! This is functional fitness revolved around fun and building skills, which is important.

At Bounce, the clients are interactive, using their cognitive skills, it is fun and you don’t even realise you are exercising for a long time.

Check out the video Gerard created with his GoPro as a way to show the fun times everyone is having.