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Brushes of Happiness

Supported by a team of client coaches, Tanya, a client from Orana’s Accommodation Services, has put her skills to the test on canvas.

Since 2017, Tanya has been supported by Orana staff to attend some of her favourite classes and activities, including painting and bowling on a weekly basis. Orana has supported Tanya to organise her busy weekly schedule of activities and organising transport to attend each of them.

When Tanya moved in, she expressed her interest in art and craft. Supported by Orana client coaches, Tanya started some art classes at the Broughton Arts Society and Bedford Day Options programs.

Following her passion for art, Tanya has been creating pieces where she expresses her feelings, thoughts and all the great relationships she has developed along the years. She loves colouring in patterns and painting flowers and animals and she has a very good sense of matching colours. She has created all sorts of art and crafts to give to her mum and friends as gifts including a painted eco bag and a colourful cushion.

Tanya’s paintings are being displayed at the SALA festival at Mitcham Council this year. Last year, some of her paintings were sold.

She has dedicated a painting to her friend ‘Penny’ who passed away last year due to cancer. Tanya said this has helped her as art therapy, helping her to express her feelings about her loss.

Some of her other passions are bowling and animals. She has painted her pets (her bird, her dog), her family, her client coaches and more. Tanya’s paintings add a splash of colour and happiness to her home.

Tanya goes bowling every Tuesday with Helping Hand and also goes bowling Wednesday with Bedford. She is getting very good at bowling and is keeping record of her scores. Also Tanya goes to the pub lunch on Fridays as one of the Bedford Day Option programs.

Good on you Tanya! Congratulations on having your paintings exhibited at the SALA festival! Keep up with the good brushstrokes!