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Brush strokes of colour

Colin, Karen, Graham and Susy have been happily showcasing their artistic skills at the Broughton Art Society in Parkside.

Colin enjoys drawing and painting sports stadiums and has painted every major Australian arena. His inspiration came from a fun experience he enjoyed with his family at the Melbourne Cricket Ground a few years ago. He likes to attend the footy, especially to see Adelaide, North Melbourne or Woodville-West Torrens, while indulging in pasties and ‘chippies’. He also likes to draw motor vehicles, including a tractor he is currently working on, and spending time with the friends he’s made at the centre.

Karen also likes painting vehicles, motorbikes, airplanes and buildings. She currently has a semi-trailer in the works. She is looking forward to Christmas and is thinking about giving her artwork as gifts. Sadly, this year hasn’t been a good one for Karen due to some health issues; but her artistry has been therapeutic and a joyful experience. ‘I can express my feelings on a piece of paper,’ she said.

Graham likes painting flowers and plants, but it’s not just on the canvas where he likes gardens – he helps with the gardening at Orana’s Accommodation Service in Amaroo, where he lives.

Susy is painting the cartoon character, Snoopy, and she is also fond of Kate, the lovely dog of Hans, their art tutor. Kate spends time with all the Orana artists and is therapeutic for them too.

Hans is one of two art tutors who mentor these budding artists. He likes to see people developing their skills, especially when they are supported by their Orana Client Coach or family members. ‘It is a social activity that gives them an opportunity to engage with the wider community,’ he said.

Dean is part of the group of Orana artists and he proudly shared his experience and artwork with us a few editions ago.

Well done to those involved for getting out and about splashing your canvas with happy and colourful brush strokes. Keep up the good work!

*The Broughton Art Society was founded by Ian Broughton in 1965 (a 20-year-old man who had Muscular Dystrophy) as the Arts Society for the Handicapped, providing a place for people with a disability to get together.

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    Amaroo clients painting