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A better life for future generations


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A better life for future generations

Leaving a lasting gift to Orana does more than provide financial support. It makes a statement about the choices you have made to create a better life for future generations.

If you have ever considered leaving a bequest to your favourite charity in your Will, there are a few things you should consider:

1. First and foremost your Will should provide for your family and loved ones.
2. Consider the issues that are important to you and why.
3. Identify the charities or groups that support your vision for a better future.
4. Discuss your choice to leave a bequest to a charity with your family. Let them share your vision and support your choice.
5. If you have an existing Will, consider adding a codicil to your Will (a legal addition) rather than re-drafting your entire Will.

We would like to thank the many supporters who have already included Orana in their Will and invite all of our supporters to consider becoming a partner in Orana’s life changing work. Leaving a lasting gift assists Orana to continue to support people living with disability to lead inclusive lives and participate fully within their community.

If you have, or are considering leaving a lasting gift to Orana, please let us know. We would like the opportunity to thank you, and your family, for including us in your provision for this and future generations.

Please contact us on (08) 8375 2000 to have a confidential discussion about leaving a lasting gift.

Your bequest will offer a lasting gift to future generations of Australians living with disability, and their families.