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Amaroo renovations with a Caravan Experience


At the beginning of September 2020, Style Bathrooms commenced a seven week project of upgrading Orana’s Clarence Park property (Amaroo).

The renovations included:

– Ladies’ bathroom with a new toilet, vanity sink, storage cupboard, wall tiling to the ceiling (see slider 1).

– Men’s bathroom – completely demolished and all new units put in (see slider 2).

– Centre unit in kitchen removed to increase space in the kitchen area (see slider 3).

– Between house 1 and house 2: fence installed (see slider 4).

– Prior to this project beginning, the builders renovated house 4 bathroom (see slider 5).

Whilst the renovations were being carried out, the ladies and gentlemen of House 1 took a sunny adventure to West Beach Caravan Park for five weeks. Everyone expressed they were all very happy to be going to West Beach, as well as excited to see their newly renovated home once complete. Some of the activities the residents got up to were beach walks, bike riding, visiting cafes, arts and crafts, walking around the site, playing games, shopping and best of all, playing mini golf at West Beach Mini Golf course.

While at West Beach one of the residents, Ross, celebrated his very special milestone birthday, turning 70 years old! Ross’ Client Coach Steven, shared with Orana what he did on his special day as Ross is non-verbal. Ross chilled out during the day and at night had a birthday dinner with all the residents from Amaroo at the Maid of Auckland. Ross had a grin from ear to ear!

The residents officially moved back to their homes on the 14th of October 2020 and on Saturday the 17th of October, their families came for a BBQ to have a look at the new renovations. Thank you to Style Bathrooms and all the people that were involved in the renovations and transitioning the residents to a temporary accommodation. The upgrade has now given clients a larger, more user friendly space in their bathrooms and kitchen.

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