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The care you need for the life you want

Positive relationships are central to the care and support we provide to people.

Our quality of life approach makes a difference to the lives of people we support, focussing on “person-centred care”. It is designed to ensure the older person, their family and carers are all partners in care. This provides the older person more choice and control in decisions about their everyday life.

From our long and successful history in providing support and care to people with disability, we have learned that this approach makes a positive difference to the overall health and wellbeing of the individual. It brings with it feelings of safety, belonging and contentment, whilst maintaining independence.

Our team works together to treat our clients with dignity and respect while supporting them to make informed decisions and choices. We understand the importance of building individual relationships and part of our ongoing philosophy is to encourage our staff to really get to know their clients and what makes them happy.

Orana Aged Care at Home is all about flexibility, quality, reliability and, above all, care. There are numerous benefits of having care provided to you in your home. You and your loved ones will rest easier knowing that you will receive professional help with your health and daily care needs in the safety of your own home.

Your individual package will be tailored to meet your personal needs after consultation with you and (if you prefer) your family.

We provide an extensive range of home care services which can include but are not limited to:

Assistance with daily activities including showering, bathing, toileting assistance, dressing and undressing and mobilisation exercise regimes.

Assistance with preparing healthy and nutritious meals, including special diets for health, religious, cultural or other reasons. Assistance with using eating utensils and feeding.

Assistance with general cleaning and domestic chores like washing clothes and ironing.

Assistance with shopping, attending regular appointments and social activities.

Support in maintaining an active social life including connections with local community programs and activities.

Nursing services such as wound care, managing skin integrity, medication management and palliative care.

This includes most gardening and maintenance work, including light pruning, raking leaves and replacing light bulbs

Support and advice for patients and their families about living with dementia.

Assistance with home respite and overnight care.

Orana Aged Care at Home is here to ensure that you have the support to remain safe and happy in your own home. We want to provide you with the care you need to live the life you want and give you and your family much needed peace of mind. By choosing Orana, you are safe with the knowledge that we have the expertise to give you the best care possible.

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