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A Roaring Night of Fun

Making their entrance on the red carpet, snapped by the waiting paparazzi and flaunting their 20s knowledge, flappers and gangsters enjoyed a fun night at Orana’s 20s Trivia Night on Friday 12th July, at Goodwood Community Centre.

It was a jazzy night of fun, laughter and a few brain teasers that kept guests entertained throughout the night, whilst raising vital funds in support of people living with disability, through the wine wall, silent auction, raffles and at the bar.

It was great to see how much effort and enthusiasm people put into their 1920s costumes!

Congratulations to all the winners on the night including our trivia winners:
1st Place – The Lost Generation – 83 points
2nd Place – Cook’s Speakeasy – 81 points
3rd Place – Our Gang / The Mopsters – 77 points

A special thanks to our wonderful supporters for their invaluable help in making the night a success.

Thanks to all the volunteers, venue staff and the Orana team for helping to make this a wonderful evening for our guests.

Thanks to our MC, Sav Politis, for his enthusiasm and for making this such a fun evening for all involved.

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