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A Message of Appreciation from Officeline Products

A short note to thank you and the team for your support with the recent product assembly for the Koala Rescue Clinic in Adelaide. Simon and the team at the Clinic were hugely appreciative of the donation we made and pass on their thanks in this regard.

Phill and his wife Judi recently visited the Clinic and got some great photos, as attached. The park is situated at Lochiel Park in Campbelltown and to date they have done some amazing work rehabilitating koalas as a result of the recent bushfires. The damage done to the koala population was devastating so it is reassuring to know that the centre and its 500 strong volunteers, including vets and veterinary nurses, are doing everything in their power to save as many of these beautiful creatures as possible. The koalas are found in the bush or picked up from the side of the road with numerous injuries, broken limbs, damage to eyes and of course severe burns. They currently have 70 resident koalas, but this was as high as 175 during the fires.

Again, thanks for support.

Orana was approached by Office Line, a current customer, for a donation to assist with labour at the Adelaide Koala Rescue Clinic. Office Line was originally contacted by Adelaide Koala Rescue Clinic for a donation, with Office Line donating some of their office products to their cause.

Adelaide Koala Rescue Clinic are crucial to saving SA koalas. Orana donated labour to assemble the office products. Orana Para Hills West employees who assisted were Kurt Tudor, William (Bill) Chapman, Timothy Sturdy, Jarad Ogilvy and Ashley Williams. Simon Mussared was the Supervisor involved at the Clinic.

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