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A journey of opportunities (Chris Warne – Port Pirie Employee)

Chris has worked at Orana Port Pirie Business Services for over 35 years.

He was part of the original work crew at Port Pirie and used to go out with the team undertaking general grounds maintenance that included tree trimming, lawn mowing, pest control and rubbish removal.

‘Being part of the original Orana crew that worked at Telstra sites was great. It was a good way to see South Australia as we travelled all around to different sites. I like how it mixes up the work by going out in the outdoors with fresh air,’ Chris said.

Supported by the supervisors and staff at Orana, Chris has further developed his work skills by performing a variety of jobs at Orana. Currently, Chris is part of the timber furniture manufacturing team and has become highly competent working with timber.

‘I now mainly work in woodwork but I’m happy to fill in when needed (in other jobs),’ Chris said.

Chris is a well-known fellow at the Orana workshop and in his local church. Chris is always happy to assist anyone that needs a hand. He has made very good friends during his more than three decades at Orana and is looking forward to the years ahead.

Congratulations for your successful journey at Orana Chris!

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