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A holiday filled with memories

Karen Millington, Service Manager for Loxton, met with clients, families, and staff to plan their week away in Adelaide.

On November 8, 2021, clients began their journey. On the first day, they had breakfast at home, then drove to West Beach Retreat Park, where clients were greeted and checked into their accommodation. After that, it was the start of a fantastic day of swimming and park activities, finishing the day with a BBQ dinner followed by ice cream. Day two was a lot of fun, with clients starting their day with a brisk walk along the jetty, followed by some shopping and an afternoon spent at AFL Max, a play and development centre situated in Adelaide’s west.

The journey to this point had been exciting! Day three was spent in the city, starting with a 45-minute boat ride on the Popeye along the Torrens River enjoying Devonshire. This was followed by a sightseeing tour of Adelaide, including a visit to the zoo, which had an amazing exhibit of flora and fauna!

The final day of the trip was devoted to relaxation. Before returning to the retreat for a well-earned rest, clients went 10 pin bowling, watched movies, and ate lunch at the park’s picnic area. That night, a dinner party was held at Hello Harry’s The Burger Joint to celebrate the last evening of the vacation. Friday afternoon marked the end of a fantastic few days and the beginning of the journey home.

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